System requirements

You need at least 256Mb of memory, and Java (v1.5+) to run TIQ. If it is not installed on your computer, please update Java or visit this page.



TIQ is a Java Web Sart application that allows browsing phylogenetic trees of toxins (from toxin-antitoxin systems) detected via the program TAQ v1.0 (Guglielmini, Szpirer & Milinkovitch, 2008).

Four toxin-antitoxin families were studied: RelE/ParE, MazF, Doc and VapC. For each one, three trees were built :

The CcdB family has also been investigated. But because of the low number of sequences we found, we just built a MrBayes tree.

TIQ has the following functionalities:

Here are the links to access trees (please, be patient while the tree is loading). When clicking on a link, a file will be downloaded  on your computer. If it is not automatically executed, please do it manually (this will launch TIQ). The file will be erased when leaving the program.

- the ParE supertree

- the ParE ancestral sequences tree

- the ParE Adams consensus tree


- the MazF supertree

- the MazF ancestral sequences tree

- the MazF Adams consensus tree


- the Doc supertree

- the Doc ancestral sequences tree

- the Doc Adams consensus tree


- the VapC supertree

- the VapC ancestral sequences tree

- the VapC Adams consensus tree


- the CcdB tree

If you want to cite TIQ and/or the trees presented here, please, use Guglielmini, Szpirer & Milinkovitch, 2008.
Don’t hesitate to contact us at jgugliel@ulb.ac.be

Enjoy !